What about the significance of public administration? Do we, as public administration scholars, contribute sufficiently to societal and political debates? Are we relevant in the light of major societal developments such as social media influences and the rise of populism? Do we play visible roles as public administration scholars in, for example, the recent child allowance affair, or the nitrogen- and corona crises? Are connections between science and practice strong enough to respond to these challenges? Are scholars societally active and assertive enough? Furthermore, what is the position of public administration within the sciences? How are ‘softer sciences’ like public administration positioned vis-à-vis highly valued beta and life sciences? 

These and related questions call for a dialogue. We hope to attract a mixed group of scholars as well as practitioners to have a dialogue on the significance of public administration in society, practice and academia. 

When: November, 18th, 2021; 13.00 -15.00hr 

Where: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

Who: Everyone who works in public administration science and practices, and who is interested in enhancing the significance of public administration in society, practice and academia is welcome! 


13.00-13.10: Welcome 

- prof.dr Mirko Noordegraaf, chair Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde (VB) and vice-dean for Societal impact, Utrecht University.

13.10-13.45: Keynote on the Significance of Public Administration 

– prof.dr. Paul ‘t Hart, professor of public administration Utrecht University and vice dean of the Netherlands School of Public 

Administration (NSOB).

13.50-14.00: Reflection on keynote from professional practice 

- drs. Loes Mulder, secretary- general Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

14.05-14.15: Reflection on keynote from next generation public administration scholar 

– dr. Warda Belabas, assistant professor of public administration, 

Erasmus University Rotterdam.

14.15-14.50: Plenary Dialogue

14.50-15.00: Closure

Chaired by:

dr. Brenda Vermeeren, Board Member Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde, Associate Professor of public administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam and dr. Femke Verwest, Board Member Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde, Sector head of the Urbanisation and Mobility (V&M) department at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)

Aanmelden is verplicht vóór 1 november. Aanmelden kan via: https://www.nigovernance.nl/apply-for-the-annual-work-conference-2