Conference: The road to integration through higher education


The project Incluusion, part of Utrecht University, is proud to announce the second edition of the Incluusion conference. This year the main theme will revolve around the themes of integration and participation of refugees in our societies.

‘The road to integration through higher education’ on the 15th of June about the students involved in the program. They will share their experiences and issues regarding higher education and integration in society. You can find the link for the registration below in this e-mail.

The event includes a plenary session with international speakers and a panel discussion with:

  • Eduard Nazarski (director of Amnesty International Nederland),
  • The municipality of Utrecht
  • Giovanni Maiolo (leader of a project in the South of Italy for the reception of refugees)
  • Paul Mbikaye (former director of Refugee Talent Hub)
  • Thana Faroq, storyteller and photographer from Yemen

After the session, 5 workshops are offered on the following subjects:

  • Incluusion students: stories & experiences
  • Young Innovators
  • Undocumented and the Right to Education
  • Does it matter where you live in The Netherlands?
  • Intercultural dialogue


For more information on the workshops:


Date: 15th June
Location: Marinus Ruppertgebouw, Zaal Blauw
Time: 12:45- 17:00
Registration (obligatory):